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The Town of Holland is hosting several community engagement activities to get input on this plan during the summer of 2022. Residents are encouraged to either take the online survey/input map OR attend the open house (surveys will be identical).

Because the online survey involves drawing lines on a map, respondents are strongly encouraged to use a desktop device instead of a smartphone.

Online Survey and Community Input Map

Open July 11 -

August 10, 2022

Open House


July 18, 2022

Town Hall


5PM to 7PM

Scroll down to view maps that are not available through the online survey!

Focus Groups

(Meetings with people we don't hear from in earlier steps)

August - September 2022

Review the maps that will be displayed at the Open House on July 18th below. They include:

  • Existing facilities – where current trails and footpaths exist

  • Planned facilities – where previous plans have recommended bicycling or walking improvements

  • Suitability analysis – streets determined to be high or low comfort places to bike and walk

If you see any errors or disagree with our findings, get in touch to let us know your thoughts.

Station 1_Map A - Existing Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities 070222.jpg
Station 1_Map B -Planned Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities.jpg
Map C_Bicycle and Suitability Analysis.jpg
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